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(( ripple effect ))


Every holiday season, I whip up a big batch of something to share with friends. Be it homemade jam or hand-poured candles, I love having a little army of something special to give out as as gifts and bring whenever I meet a friend over the following months. Not to mention, I'm a sucker for production and creating little systems of efficiency.

In the winter of 2017, I was asked to create a calendar for a client who runs an organic farm in Oregon. In the calendar's design, I indicated the cycles of the moon - the moon being an important influence in organic and ancient farming - as I learned. I found this quite intriguing and became a literal lunatic for imagery surrounding natural cycles and earth's bounties.


I continued that path of inspiration and designed a calendar dedicated to the moon's cycle. I chose screen printing as my method of production since it kept my hands as close to the project as possible and I love the texture of screen prints. The result was a stack of beautiful gifts for the people close to me that they could refer to throughout the year.

After some social media sharing, a few people showed interest in purchasing them and stocking them in their businesses. I was honored that the prints, which were originally a gift idea, spoke to others and they wanted to share it with people close to them. It wasn't long before a woman named Phae contacted me about selling the calendars on her beautifully curated online store Bohemian Harvest. I was, once again, honored that it spoke to someone who came across it and she felt it would speak to her customers as well. 

This experience has reminded me of the ripple effect of everything we make and do. You never know how far something you create will travel or who it will touch. 

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Hattie MacLeod